Elegant All White Outdoor Picnic

Have you ever heard about an all white, elegant, secret outdoor picnic? I didn’t until I got an invite to the exclusive Le Diner en Blanc Orlando. This elegant outdoor dining experience all began in Paris in 1988 by Francois Pasquier who invited a few friends to an outdoor picnic. They agreed to wear all white so that they could easily find each other. Fast forward to today, the concept remains that same, except the number of guest have grown to thousands, depending on the location. It is held in over 70 cities all over the world. On June 3rd, 2018 Diner en Blanc celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in the city where it originated…..Paris!!!!

In order to be part of this exclusive party, you first have to be invited (you might have to be placed on a waitlist). Your invitation will not only allow you to register and bring one guest but you will be an official member of Le Diner en Blanc upon completion. Also, if you have a friend who have attended before, you can be their plus one.
This was my very first time attending this event here in Orlando and I could not contain my excitement. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but knew it was going to be amazing and I must say….I was blown away. Before I tell you about my experience, I just want to share a few basic tips and rules that must be followed. Here goes…

* You will not know the location until the last minute so don’t panic.

* You will be transported to and the event by a bus, which will pick you up from a designated point.

* You have to be committed to the event, no matter the circumstances….that means rain or shine, except if
safety becomes an issue.

* You have to be elegantly dressed in all white, no exceptions!!!

* You have to bring your own table, chairs, food, and decorations for the table (you can be as creative as
you want) and make sure that they are white.

* Arrive and leave with your table lead.

* Alcohol must be purchased from Diner en Blanc’s e-store online, which you will pick up a the event. You cannot bring your own alcohol!

* You have to clean up after yourself and take all your garbage with you.

* Last but not least, and most importantly….HAVE FUN!!!!






Diner en Blanc Orlando was held in Altamonte Springs, Florida at Cranes Roost Park on November 11th 2018. It was a monumental moment for me when I saw a sea of nothing but all white coming down the ramp to what would be considered an epic night. Gentlemen were decked out in their finest attire and the ladies brought the old Hollywood glamor with their fabulous masks, hats, and fascinators ready to have the time of their lives. Every group of guests followed their table lead to their designated zone to set up their tables as the DJ kept it entertaining by playing all different genres of music.

There was also an amazing live band and we were serenaded by the powerful vocals of Sisaundra Lewis, a former contestant on The Voice. After the tables were set, guest were taking pics, dancing, mingling, and having fun until around 6PM when the announcement was made that it was time for the napkin wave, which signals the start of dinner. After dinner, the guest partied until the lighting of the sparkler, and then they partied some more until it was time to leave. If you have never attended Diner en Blanc before, I highly suggest that you do. You will not be disappointed!!!!

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  1. It was truly a magical event! I love how everyone came together for a good time!

    1. Cherryann Williams says:

      It really was and I cannot wait until next year!!!!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time and they picked a great location this year!!

    1. Cherryann Williams says:

      It was awesome, this was my first time going and I loved it!!!

  3. Such a great location! Hope you had a great time there.

    1. Cherryann Williams says:

      I did, it was amazing!!!

  4. I’ve heard of these but never attended! Looks so fun!

    1. Cherryann Williams says:

      You definitely have to try one, you would not regret it!!!

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