Stylish Hybrid Smart Watch

What is a better way to get back on my healthy journey, than to showcase a wonderful hybrid smart watch from Misfit.  This is my new go to activity tracker.  This Misfit Path Smartwatch is not only sleek and stylish but it is also a lifesaver.  I am able to track my calories, steps, distance, and even my sleeping habits and patterns.  Another feature that I love, is that it allows you to take pictures, play music,  and most important of all ……find your phone, which I always lose, lol.

I’m not a swimmer , I cannot swim.. but for those who can, this stylish hybrid smart watch is perfect for you. It is swim-proof and water-resistant for up to 50 meters….. it doesn’t get any better than that guys.  I am an android lover, and always will be,  so it is compatible with my Samsung.   IPhone junkies…. you can use it also, yeah!!!! The Misfit app was very easy to download.  I downloaded it on my tablet, the instructions were very clear on how to initially set up the watch.  I hope you guys would go ahead and give this watch a try, trust me , it is worth it.
Until next time….. Peace and Love

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  1. It looks so chic too! Is it very expensive?

  2. Ashh says:

    The watch looks really pretty and chic.

  3. Just got a Misfit 2 watch myself and it is amazing! It’s my first smartwatch too, so it really blew me away with all its features. Too many people have the Apple Watch and I tend to not want what everyone else has lol 😀

  4. I am not really a watch person myself, but I love how these smart watches are so helpful. I def wanted to get my son and husband one because of fitness and sports!!

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