It’s Your Time To Shine

Too often times, many young ladies are not as fortunate as others to have a great upbringing.  This  can lead to low self-esteem and unworthiness.  I am here to let you know, that now is the time to step out of the shadows and walk into your purpose…….You are more than enough, you are a queen, fix your crown, be great and shine on!!!

On The Blog

Who is the Fashionable Nurse?

Hey guys, I am Cherry, a professional nurse, content creator, and influencer who have always had a great love for fashion.  I love the freedom of being able to express myself through my style which is casual and fun to chic and elegant.  The world of The Fashionable Nurse pushes the envelope of career and a love for fashion.  It’s a world of fun, family, inspiration, empowerment, lifestyle and authenticity.  It shows that you can have a great  balance with work-home life.


I also love traveling with friends and family, whether it’s on a cruise or a flight to paradise.  I believe that life is meant to be celebrated every waking moment.


I hope you enjoy this ride with me. Welcome to my world!!


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