Getting to know me

Cherryann Williams is an Orlando-based fashion, travel and lifestyle influenser and content creator, who loves  spending time with friends, family and her beloved dog Louis.  She created The Fashionable Nurse as an outlet to show her personal style outside of wearing those dreaded scrubs week after week at work.

Cherry, which she loves to be called, grew up on the beautiful island of Barbados and moved to New York at the age of 22.  Her spouse was in the Army, so she was able to travel to many US cities but decided to settle in Florida after he retired because he wanted to move back to his home town.

Florida is where she received her RN degree and continued to pursue her dream of grad and undergrad school.   She worked in the post-acute setting as a Supervisor, Unit Manager and Assistant Director of Nursing.  She then worked in Hospice for a few months before accepting her current position over 6 years ago as a Utilization Manager.

In her spare time, Cherry loves to cook, read, relax at home, shop, travel, and attend fashion shows and events.  Her daughter is a dancer who wants to eventually try out for a professional dance team and her son loves to play football and video games.  She loves to help anyone she can and in the near future wants to create a scholarship for students of her Alma Mater: Belmont Primary School and Ellerslie Secondary School.  These scholarships would help enrich the lives of  current students who are excelling in academics, sports etc.. but do not have the necessary financial assistance.  She is a firm believer that education is one of the keys to being successful!!!!

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