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I am a creator at heart!! When I get an image in my head, I envision it just coming to life. Whether it’s in the kitchen (I love to cook…by the way), a work project, or a fashionable look.  I believe in writing your vision down to prepare for what is about to come.  

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Welcome to my blog!!!! I am Cherryann Williams, but prefers to be called Cherry, also known as Shelly by my childhood friends….long story about all the names.  I am a professional nurse (which was my dream job from childhood) who loves to travel and have always had a deep passion and an eye for fashion from a very tender age.  I remember when I was out and about one day and a co-worker saw me and was shocked to see me all “dolled up” because we were so used to seeing each other in scrubs… was hilarious and that is what gave me the idea for the name of my blog. I created The Fashionable Nurse out of my pure love for fashion and my dream career, why should I have to choose when I can have both!!!

As a teenager growing up in Barbados… street fairs, school fairs, parties and the club were some events that gave me the opportunity to show off my personal style.  If I couldn’t afford to buy an outfit from the store, I would go to my local seamstress and get the hook up with the latest trend (my Caribbean people know what I’m talking about).  My style ranges from elegant to classic to street, depending on the mood I’m in… I prefer not to put a label on my style.  I believe that you do no have to spend thousands of dollars to look great so I am all about affordable fashion, mixing high and low end pieces to create my own personal style.

 I promise this blog will be funducational (fun and educational at the same time), I know that’s not a word (just made it up, I may need to patent it) it’s just my creative juices flowing, so feel free to drop a comment or suggestion anytime.

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I truly hope that you will enjoy my fashion, travel, and lifestyle journey. 

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