The Neon Trend


I am not one that is really into trends. I prefer classic pieces and accessories that I can wear throughout the year.  This way it helps me to not only to save money but also keeps me from having pieces that I may never be able to wear again, unless it makes a comeback.  And believe you me, trends always make a comeback. I remember polka dot dresses, biker shorts, fanny packs, lace, shoulder pads, tie dye etc., which are all the rage now. Sometimes I have to remind my daughter that we wore all that stuff back in the day. Since I’ve been trying to bring color to my wardrobe, I fell into the trend trap this summer….can you make a wild guess?????… The NEON trend!!!

Everyone knows that black and nudes are my go to colors but I wanted to try something different this time. I am really trying to step out of the box and experiment with more colors going forward. It was a thrill for me putting these looks together, although it was a bit challenging. My issue was trying to find the right mix for my personality, while incorporating the neon trend. I love different, unique, unexpected, in your face pieces that my daughter would consider “ugly”. These millennials…..smh!!!!!

How To Wear Neon

Many of the SS19 catwalks were brightened up this year with some of the most amazing fluorescent colors. From hot pink, yellow, orange to my favorite…..lime green. The neon trend can be worn as street wear, beach wear as well as elegant evening wear. For those who are not faint of heart, a head-to-toe look is a must!! If you are not really feeling the neon trend but still want a piece of the action, I would suggest nail polish or even some small accessories. For my look, I kind of stayed in the middle and chose a few pieces.

Elegant Casual Style

This first look is a very simple yet chic way to incorporate neon into your style. I purchased this nude jumpsuit a few weeks ago and wanted to do something different with the styling. Usually, I would wear it solo but decided to give it a little pizzazz!! I paired it with a neon crop top and animal print bag and couldn’t be happier. The colors blended really well together and the neon didn’t overpower the jumpsuit, which I love. This can be worn to dinner, date night or can be dressed down for a more casual outing. I really think that the neon trend is going to be around for a while!

Street Style

For this look, I was going for a more laid back, street style that can be dressed up or down. I love t-shirts and was overjoyed when they became part of the neon trend. They are some of the most understated yet necessary pieces that should be in everyone’s closet. When most people hear “t-shirt”, they automatically think jeans and sneakers but that is changing honey!!!! I paired my neon tee with a pair of ripped jeans, heels and a cross-body, which gave it a street, edgy but chic look and these sick shield sunglasses. You can still rock a pair of sneakers if comfort is what you are going for…….and trust me, I did….afterwards, lol.

Well I hope you guys enjoy these looks, and until next time….Peace and Love!!!!


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Cherryann Williams

Jul 8, 2019

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I am a professional nurse with a love for fashion, travel and living life.  I love mixing high end and affordable fashion for the everyday woman, creating a style that is uniquely my own but inspiring for others!

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