3 Reasons Why Humility is Important


Being humble is an attribute that I love in others and I am going to give you 3 reasons why humility is important to me. The oxford dictionary defines humility as “a modest or low view of oneself” which I couldn’t disagree with more. In my opinion, humility is the opposite of being prideful or puffed up. It is knowing who you are and still putting other people before yourself. Don’t get me wrong, you can be proud and humble but when that pride makes you think that you are better than everyone else, that’s a problem. C.S. Lewis said it best “humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less”. You can’t walk around talking about how “humble” you are, yet your actions show the total opposite.

It Keeps You Grounded

Humility reminds you of who you are and where you came from. One of pet peeves are “never forget where you came from”. I came from very humble beginnings where having a telephone or television was considered a luxury… and I didn’t even have that. That’s why I teach my kids to be appreciative for everything they have, no mater how small. Knowing where I came from, gave me the perspective to never look down on anyone and to treat everyone with respect, from the lowest paid to the highest paid person.

People Connect With You More

Humility creates connections with others because they can relate to you more. This is one of the main 3 reasons why humility is important to me. People see you as a human being with flaws, bad days, some insecurities and not this picture-perfect person, living a perfect life. Have you ever been around anyone that talks about themselves 24/7, knows everything and is always right?? If you haven’t, I have….and those conversations were of some the most pain-staking and excruciating moments of my life. The “I, I, I” at the beginning of every sentence is a turn-off for many people and relationships will suffer as a result of this.

It Teaches Gratitude

Humility keeps you in a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude. At least once a day, we all take something for granted. Whether it is waking up first thing in the morning, being able to walk, see, hear, etc….to expecting that paycheck to hit the bank on time after working your 40+ hours at work…..okayyyy….Gotta pay those bills!!! On a more serious note, I have learnt not to take anything or anyone for granted because you can lose it/them in a moment. Gratitude is a must!!

What Humility is Not

Humility is not dimming your light because it make others uncomfortable. In fact, it is shining bright and using your light to empower and encourage others. I had to come to this realization when I found myself hiding my scrub jacket with my credentials on it because I had experienced where people’s attitude changed towards me in a positive as well as negative way. Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of my accomplishments but was somewhat embarrassed and guarded at the same time. It’s only when I looked back to that 22 year old girl that moved to Brooklyn, NY, with 2 pieces of luggage, $500, my faith, and a dream, that I finally owned and accepted my light. I said all of that to say this…..You have the power to shine as bright as you want to….so when you are living your dream, do it with humility.

Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. Blessings!!


  1. Sharron

    I love this. Humility is so important.

    • Cherryann Williams

      It most definitely is!!!!


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